Why "Gord Being Gord?"

January 22, 2012

Euripides wrote long ago that “one can judge a man by the company he keeps.” Assuming the classical Greek tragedian was correct, there can be little doubt that Gordy Andresen was truly a wonderful and blessed man.  After his passing on January 22, 2012, I was continually humbled by the outpouring of affection for my dad (and his family) by the many wonderful people whose lives he touched during his 75 years.

During the days and weeks after dad’s passing, several people told me that I was/am my dad’s greatest legacy. Although this is a great responsibility, it is also an incredible honor that I embrace with a great amount of pride. If there is anything that I learned from a man who was 6 – 1 against being run over by a semi, a rollover Jeep, and multiple heart attacks and battles with cancer, it’s that you can’t give up when things seem to be at their worst. To that end, I have created GORD BEING GORD, NFP to keep Gord’s spirit alive by doing works of kindness and generosity in his name- while also encouraging the social interaction that my dad valued so highly.  Gord got the most out of life, and this will not stop simply because his presence among us is limited to the memories of him we carry in our hearts and minds.

Why “Gord Being Gord"?

Though one frequently hears the phrase "that was just Gord being Gord" when stories are told about Gordon ("Gordy") Andresen, the phrase Gord being Gord has multiple meanings. First, Gord was truly a sweet and kind man- albeit a sweet and kind man who also took pride in his ability to conceal these traits with his trademark demeanor (it is an axiomatic truth that the more Gord harassed someone, the more he valued their friendship). Second, Gord was one of the most geneerous people most would ever have the good fortune to meet. Whether it was giving someone a ride to the grocery store (which was a mixed blessing in later years based on his driving abilities...), finding someone a pair of tickets to an Illini game, making a pot of soup or chili, or even donating blood for someone in one instance, Gord was quick to do a favor for those around him. Finally, Gord was someone who truly lived life to the fullest and who got 150 years of experiences out of his 75 years on the planet.

Gord's wife of 47 years, Annette, re-joined him on July 7, 2017 after a decades-long battle against a host of severe medical hardships. Annette's strength, courage, love and kindness (all delivered with an ever-present smile) in the face of severe adversity were an inspiration to everyone fortunate enough to know her.

It is these wonderful traits exhibited by Gord and Annette during their lifetimes that Gord Being Gord honors through events and activities designed to bring people together in the spirit of fun and camaraderie, whilke also raising money for worthy causes and organizations that embody the most amazing parents and best friends an adoring son has ever had.